Groundnut Shell
Castor Seeds
Cotton Stalk
Cotton Flower
Rise Husk
Saw Dust
Coffee Husk
The Bio-mass/agro-foresrty Waste

We know that every year million of tons agricultural wastes are been generated. They are either non-used or burn inefficiently in their loose form causing air pollution. Handling and transportation of these materials is also very difficult due to their low density.

Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools provides the solution to use this wastage in best form. And which will leads to you where you can “grab from garbage” This wastage can easily convert into high-density fuel (Briquettes) with the help of Biomass Briquetting Plant.

In India & other agro based Countries have lots of scope for this project due to huge availability of Biomass.

Specification of Raw Material.
Size               : Max. 25mm.
Moisture         : Bellow 12%
Rate of Raw Material (approx)
The Rate of Raw Material always varies, it’s highly fluctuating & depending upon the availability and location.
Process of Raw Material (if Required)
Most of Biomasses can be used directly as per specification.
Raw material having more than 12% of moisture content, it is required for drying process.
If the Raw material is longer than 25mm, it’s required for Cutting process.