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"Agro-forestry Residue into Green Energy"
Agro-forestry waste are used to generate Green Energy by recycling process where any waste can be feed to Briquetting Machine to produce Eco friendly Briquettes. Recycling agro-forestry residue can help to sustain Green Environment by reduce carbon dioxide and green house effects along with producing a new bio product in solid form. Bio Coal/Briquettes generated from compaction of agricultural and forestry residue which is available in bulk in developing countries where there is high need of Green fuel due to scares resources. Waste been reused and recycled which is feed into Biomass Briquetting Machine which after process turns into finished product as Solid Cylindrical Briquettes. Agro forestry waste turned into Briquettes through Piston type processing Briquetting Machine which is purely a Binder less Technology where no other chemical is added to bind the loose biomass into Solid Briquettes.

"Protecting Environment through Briquettes "
Briquettes in the form of "Green Energy" are proved as a Safety means of Energy by pollution free and Environment friendly capability. A completely eco friendly with 100% pure binder less technology, Briquettes are highly used in thermal and heating applications in wide range of industries. Briquettes are highly demandable and are capable to replace fuels with high burning efficiency and no ash content and high thermal value which helps to diminish environment to being polluted. Biomass is purely derived from plants, agricultural crops and forest material which is remaining are reused to produce Green Energy by sustaining Environment along with Natural Resources. Biomass itself contains energy which is even recycled once after use rather than to depose it can be exercised through Briquetting Equipments to produce Briquettes. Biomass Briquetting Plant is easy to setup with less investment and highly durable returns. As demand of Energy enhance which can be upshot through managing waste by safety and cost effective means which is a striking way to produce power fuel in the form of Solid Briquettes through Biomass Briquetting Equipments.

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