Being a part of Indian manufacturing brotherhood we are obligated to extend the best of our endeavor for the evolution of Nation economically as well as technologically.

Machine tool industry as a spine of most of the manufacturing industries which donate meaningfully to the GDP of the Nation. Hereby, the role of any machine tool manufacturing company in the development of nation is crucial.

As a conscious corporation entitled to prosper the life with an ample usage of technology, JK Briquetting Equipment US sincerely strives for persevering betterment in products and services offered to customers.

We also commit our whole hearted efforts to create JK a real customer-centric organization.

Moreover, I accept a duty to elevate the society by means of creating better employment and also a better workplace to foster raw youth talent of India to act as a catalyst for a radiant future of India.

Sincere Thanks,

Mr. Tilala

Mr. Tilala
Managing Director & Chairman
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