Indian economy is being developed after its freedom. There is a big progress in industries since last few decades and now it has became a heavy industrial Country. In the line of Instrumentation and Industrial products, people as well Government both of them have thought of becoming progressive by entering themselves into this field. And as a result is becoming an Industrial based country. Basically our country India is based on agriculture, but now we are called our-self as an Agro Industrial Country.

As fuel is the prime need of every industry. In our daily progress we need more fuels and hence the shortage of fuel is found. So, the materials are also unavailable in compare to their demand and that’s why rates of fuel too are increasing rapidly day by day. It is the fact that other fuels can affect adversely to the nature. It creates much pollution as compare to briquette and makes weather sultry. To fight against these unnatural circumstances people also tried to their level to find out the alternatives, but not satisfied. The Government of India suggests for the implements in improved technologies. Routine wastages which found from our villages, Agriculture fields means from farms and other fields, Industrial and forest people are not destroying it completely and thus it is creating pollution. Indian Government is spending the mass fuels to destroy these wastages.

Now the main point is that Biomass Briquetting Plant makes the fuels from above wastages. In the world of Biomass Briquetting Plant, we The JK BRIQUETTING EQUIPMENT US® are working since 1994 and also achieved the top place in this field. JK BRIQUETTING EQUIPMENT US® is the manufacturer of Briquetting Plants which works with Agro waste, Industrial waste and forestry waste as a raw material. We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of Biomass Briquetting Plant in India.